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My name is Charlie Cozart. I have lived most of my life in the Vinita, Oklahoma area. I am married to a wonderful woman named Sheryl. We have three children. My oldest son's name is Charlie, my second oldest son's name is Christian and my youngest daughter's name is Lisa.

I am an ex-diesel mechanic. I have also worked in Law Enforcement from 1985 thru 2000. I had the rank as Lt. Criminal Investigator and I also worked with the Oklahoma Drug Task Force. I had a Heart attack in June of 2000. And July of 2001 I had surgery for throat Cancer. I am not able to work.

I have been on the radio since the age of 17. My AM call sign is "Mr. Goodwrench" on frequency 27.225 AM. And with the Sierra Fox DX Group my call sign is "2SF123". I have been recently appointed as the USA Director for this club. I am really honored to be a member of this group. I really enjoy talking to people on the radio in the United States or in other Countries.